Terrace Mukogaoka

The Terrace Mukogaoka is close to the express stop "Mukogaoka-Yuen" on the Odakyu Line, and features spacious kitchens in all of its beautifully furnished rooms. It is equipped with auto-lock and parcel delivery boxes, and free internet is also available for use.

We are currently seeking tenants for April 2024.
Application method: If you have decided on a university and want to secure a room, you can apply with a deposit of 10,000 yen. If you want to prepare early for moving in after being accepted by a university, you can make a free provisional reservation! For more details, please contact the management office. Those who request materials will receive a three-color friction pen and Laotian coffee as a gift. (We plan to recruit about 6-7 rooms next spring.)


Address Postal-code:214-0031
Higashi-Ikuta 1-7-4, Tama-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Pref.
[Access Map] [Google Map]
Accsess 4 Min. to Mukogaoka-yuen Station on the Odakyu Line.
Concrete building, 4 story high
Type A, Type B, Type C
Bath room with Bath tab, Kitchen Set, Closet
Furnitures Air-conditioner, Refrigerator, Bed, Desk, Chair, Curtain, Ceiling light, Free Internet.
Facilities at
public area
Security entrance door, Security camera, Mail box with key, Delivery locker, Laundry room.

This apartment is for student, however for special reason, some tenants are not student.

Rental information

Rent 45,000 - 56,000Yen (All rooms are facing southeast)
Management fee 5,000Yen (Including free internet connection and furniture)
Agreement 2 years (The term ends 2 years later in march 22, regardless of the date of issue)
Security deposit 1 month
Key money 1 month (Free for Meiji or Senshu University student)

Recruitment status

Availability of rooms for April occupancy (number of rooms remaining) (07/03/2024)
1st Floor 45000 yen … 1 room (Contracted)
1st Floor 49000 yen … 2 room (Contracted)
2nd Floor 53000 yen … 2 room (Contracted)
3rd Floor 53000 yen … 2 room (Contracted)
4th Floor 53000 yen … 1 room (Contracted)

Cancellations may occur, so please inquire about room availability with the Tamaesty Management Office. Additionally, there are still a few vacancies at Joyful Ikuta.

Management and operation: Tamaesty International Student House Management Office
Contact by Email

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